OSHC Programs Contact Number

 0488 662 783  

Booking Procedure

Bookings are to be made via your XPlor App .

Bulk bookings can be requested via our Bookings email

It is essential that you state your child's name and the program that they are attending.

*** Text messages will not be accepted for cancellations or bookings. ***

Please ensure you allow sufficient time to make a booking for your child.
48 hours prior is preferred to ensure we can staff and cater accordingly for the OSHC session.

Before School Care

Starting from 7am and includes a nutritionally balanced breakfast.
The services we offer before school care are as follows:

After School Care

Starting from the end of the school day.  Children make their way over to the OSHC program straight after the end of day school bell.  A nutritionally balanced snack is supplied for afternoon tea.
The program finishes at 6:30pm sharp.
In cases families are late to pick up their child/ren a late fee of $1 per minute/per child will be charged to the families account.
The services we offer after school care are as follows:

Educational Program

School Support Services base their educational program on the National Quality Framework (NQF) My Time, Our Place.  The NQF requires all approved education and care services to deliver a program to every child being educated or cared for.  Evidence of learning is gathered for each child, families can access this information by making an appointment with the Service Coordinator to go through and discuss their child/ren’s learning portfolio and the service program.  We welcome family feedback and any ideas you may have for the service program. The service program is displayed for families reference, we encourage families to document feedback on the program in the family feedback section.

OSHC Handbook

OSHC Handbook

Vacation Care

Running for each Victorian school holiday period and in January the weeks leading up to when the school year commences.  Vacation care is an all day program operating from 7:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  The program does not operate on public holidays.
Children must be aged between 5-12 years and enrolled in primary school to attend any of our vacation care programs.
The services we offer vacation care are as follows:
Highton Primary School Programs available
Highton Primary School OSHC

To enrol a child, simply click the button below that relates to the Program that your child attends and complete an online enrolment form for the OSHC Program,

Herne Hill OSHC Program
Highton OSHC Program

The fees for each session are as follows as at 1st July 2019

Before School Care $20.03
After School Care $26.74 End of Term from $8.49 additional per hour (Time based)
Vacation Care $66.85

Add $5.00 for casual bookings.
The casual booking rate is charged where 48hours notice is not given for a booking.

  ** Eligible families may receive a 50% rebate for the out of pocket costs of childcare
(subject to the threshold rebate for the out of pocket costs of childcare, up to $7,500 per child per year. Please note 15% of the rebate will be retained by Department of Human Services (DHS) until your Tax Return is completed and they reconcile payments at the end of the year).
If you have been eligible for a Childcare Benefit percentage at any time during the financial year

You can elect to have the CCS rebate paid directly to the service, which is encouraged as it further reduces your weekly fees.  To activate this or for advice on your eligibility, you need to contact the FAO on 13 61 50, visit a centrelink office or use the online system and select the ‘direct to service’ option.

Invoices can now be accessed on your XPlor App. 

School Websites

School Website Location OSHC Program
Highton Primary BSC/ASC/Vacation Care
Herne Hill Primary BSC/ASC

Service Philosophy

Our Place

We aim to create an inclusive, vibrant, learning culture which allows children to explore their natural curiosity in a stimulating and challenging learning environment.  The activities that will be offered to children will be rich and purposeful, linking to the children’s own ideas and their unique funds of knowledge.

Our Beliefs

We believe the rights of each child are paramount.  We value each child’s thoughts, feelings and ideas.  We believe it is important that the children and families have a voice and that they are heard.  A Family is a child’s most important relationship and families are their first teacher’s.  Working in partnership with our families will ensure the best outcome for our children.  We believe in each child’s ability to be a successful, competent and capable learner.

Our Commitments

We are committed to creating positive learning opportunities for our children, their families and our team.  Diversity is respected and encouraged; we will celebrate similarities and differences, instilling respect and equality within the outside school hours care community.
We are committed to promoting sustainable practice and will embed environmentally thoughtful practice throughout our educational programs.

Our Goals and Aspirations

We aim to empower our team to be the best that they can be, equip them with relevant knowledge and offer professional development opportunities to continuously challenge and enhance their professional thinking.nbsp;

Our Intentions for Action

We intend to continuously improve the educational program and the outcomes we wish to achieve for the outside school hours care community; we will take time to reflect on our practice and document our progress and we will always aim to act in the best interest of our children, their families and our team.